Why I Do Joy’s Journal

*I don’t really know why I wanted to do this post. It just seemed like something I had to do.*

All week long my Mom has been telling all of her friends. “Do you read Lexie’s blog? You should. Joy’s Journal is really good. The first one was fine, but this is great.” Let me tell you, I’m happy that Mom likes it so much, but this is getting annoying.

Part of what I think makes it so good is that I want to do it. I love writing it.

Sometimes I’m stuck for words, I know what I want to say, but not how to say it. It’s hard to write the parts in which there are bad things. Joy makes some not so smart choices and ends up in a place no one wants to be. That part was/is really hard to write. I know Joy isn’t real, but it is still hard to have bad things happen to her. And I don’t really want to cause as much of a stir as part eight of the first Joy’s Journal did.

Still, I love writing it.

Sure, I do it for my readers. I do it for my friends, the one’s I’ve told.

I don’t really tell everyone. It’s not something that I do for glory, so I don’t really want everyone to know about it. I have told my close friends, who I think will enjoy reading it.

I like being able to discuss it with my friends. I have a couple of friends who I think about when I write it. They help me some, and I do it partly for them.

But mostly I do it for me. I love writing it, reading past parts, thinking about it, and posting it.

I post it online, but if everyone knew, then it wouldn’t be my quiet place. The place where I escape to write it.

So welcome to Joy’s Journal.


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