Review Warm Winter Outfit

When I went to the AG store in Chicago one of the purchase with purchases was the warm winter outfit. After lots of deciding I got this one. It was half off, $15 if you bought more than 60$ worth of their stuff.

dscn34471                          It comes with three pieces, boots, a sweater and leggings.                   dscn34501                         Let’s start with the sweater. It is a thin knit. It seems well made, though mine has a tiny hole in the arm. There is a strange swoopy thing, like a piece cut out. I don’t really like this. dscn34521                        The back is fully straight, with velcro to open and close. dscn34531                        Then there is a heart patch on the elbow. It matches the leggings, but not really the sweater.dscn34551                         The leggings are a pale purple, a little bit of a deeper shade than the pictures show. In our house we aren’t allowed to wear leggings that thin without a skirt or long shirt covering it up. What surprised me was that the leggings went all the way down to her feet, even though there are boots. dscn34561                       The boots are well made, with lots of detail. The strings are elastic, which make the boots really hard to get on. The inside of the boots are lined.

dscn34571                        The soles of the boots have a snowflake design. It looks like they would really imprint snow. dscn34591                         The main park of the boot has snowy knit cloth, with the colors of the rest of the outfit.

Overall I like this outfit. I wouldn’t be willing to pay $30 for it, but it was only $15, and I think that was worth it. I am disappointing with the hole, and I will exchange the outfit for one without a hole, if the next time we go to an AG store they still have it.

Just a reminder, I rarely post on Thursdays during the school year. (I don’t have school on that day)


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