The Whole Adventure Into The Unknown

Well here is the Adventure into the unknown. I never finished it, and although I have pictures for the next part, I don’t have Isabella anymore, so this is all that there is.

This series is about my newest rescue doll, Isabella. I am going to have to sell her on Ebay, and she overheard. She likes where she is and doesn’t want to go. So she runs away, hoping that she will be missed, and loved enough to stay. 

Last night, I heard Lexie talking to someone. She said that I am going to be sold on Ebay, and I was almost ready. But no doll wants to be sold. So I made a plan to go into the woods, and stay until I can sort things out, or until they decide they love me enough to let me stay. 


Around four O clock I woke up. I was tired, but not enough to postpone my plans.


I sat up and gave my doll a squeeze. I was ready to go. Except I needed supplies. I rolled down onto the bed under me.


I opened the night drawer, and pulled out a sleeping bag.


Then I went to the wardrobe to decide what to pack. I shoved some extra shoes, another dress, and some heavy socks into my suitcase.


Sadly I pulled on a jacket. It was Rachel’s favorite jacket, and she would miss it, but it was the only jacket I could get to without disturbing anyone, and I needed something. 

Packing all my stuff, I got ready to leave. But wait


 I can’t leave without Holly! I knew that it might be a bad idea, especially if I had to leave her behind. But I didn’t care.


I came across a bridge. I knew it was the way to the woods, so I took a step, and then another one, and soon I was in the unknown.DSCN7078[1]     As soon I woke up I could see that it had snown a little. I had slept the day away, but now it was time to find food and water.DSCN7081[1]         I laid everything on my sleeping bag except my suitcase, and went to find some clean snow to turn into water.DSCN7083[1]         I settled on a hill with clean snow.DSCN7088[1]         I filled my suitcase with snow. DSCN7089[1]         Then I went on my way. DSCN7098[1]         When I returned my stuff was gone. I knew it was my fault, (I shouldn’t have left it there) but I still was sad for Holly, and couldn’t help crying myself to sleep.DSCN7099[1]DSCN7100[1]          I sat up. Without my sleeping bag, it wasn’t warm enough here.DSCN7101[1]         So I grabbed my suitcase and got ready to go. DSCN7102[1]         I found a river, and I sunbathed on the rocks. DSCN7104[1]   Then I stuck my feet into the icy water, only because I knew it would make them clean.DSCN7109[1]        Now it was time to look for food. Looking around I saw something that looked like grass. It was grass, but I was THAT hungry. DSCN7110[1]       As I reached for some I slipped and fell over.  DSCN7111[1]Owwww That hurt. But maybe it was a good thing I realized as I looked up. DSCN7112[1]        I looked up and up. DSCN7113[1]         In the tree I was looking at there was a tap. I knew that sap flowed into a bucket to be made into syrup, but this bucket was nowhere to be found. This WAS a good thing.

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