The Dollhouse Project

Several weeks ago, Faith told the girls they were moving. For Christmas my Mom and I are making a dollhouse. I got a cabinet, which we are going to turn into a dollhouse. The dollhouse updates will be on Monday’s, and there will be a lot of parts.

So welcome to my messy room!DSCN7007[1]Here is my room. DSCN7008[1]This is the table that used to be the dollhouse. It is currently holding most of the doll stuff I have. Eventually, it will be part of the dollhouse too, but the other part has to come first. DSCN7009[1]Here is the cabinet. We moved it into my room, and moved the shelves around. DSCN7010[1]And here is my closet. I have tension rods from the cabinet to the wall, and hangers on it. I mostly hang up outfits, and dresses. All the dolls shard everything, so it works. DSCN7011[1]DSCN7012[1]   And in the cabinet I have buckets to hold everything that doesn’t fit in the closet.


The top of the cabinet was going to be a bedroom. Then it turned into Lea’s room. Then we decided to make it her rain forest house. The going is slow, but we have made lot’s of progress. We decided to try to make it more like a real rain forest house, instead of like the american girl one.DSCN7018[1]Here’s an overview. The window is just a hole, and you can see the posters behind it. So far we have used scrapbook paper, the bottom of a bag, bamboo, and string. The base is two project boards taped together, and we have used a lot of bamboo and string.  DSCN7019[1]

We put it on a board so we could make a floor without damaging the cabinet, and so there is room to play outside of the house. DSCN7021[1]

We used two project boards for the walls, and then extended the house out with a piece of Bamboo. In between is a piece of pink tulle for mosquito netting. The roof comes out some, and the parts that stick out will be hooks for the hammock. DSCN7023[1]The wallpaper is scrapbook paper. We glued it on, and folded it in the corners. DSCN7022[1]On the roof we used lots of bamboo, and the roof is parts of a bag. The roof is removable, and we might make different roofs to switch out.

I don’t have much to report this week. We made the bed frame.

DSCN7053[1]DSCN7052[1]The notches will be where the bed sits, and one end will be a ladder. There is extra space between the bed and the wall.

We made a tiny bit of progress yesterday, but I did a lot of stuff by myself, so there is a bunch of progress. DSCN7317[1]Here is a blurry overview of it. DSCN7318[1]     In American Girl’s version there is one bed that moves up and down. In mine it doesn’t come all the way to the wall and there are two. I haven’t figured out how to make it work all the way yet though.DSCN7320[1]   We had some tree rings for a science project, and I took one and made it into a table. I started with just gluing bamboo to it, but that didn’t work so I got dad to drill holes in it for me. I also made two chairs out of bamboo. I might make another one, I haven’t decided. DSCN7319[1]There was a smaller one so I made a stool. We also are starting on doing the floor.

Until next Monday!

We made some progress. DSCN7321[1]Here’s the overview. First of all we made the bed work. DSCN7323[1]There is a string connecting one bed wall to the other.  DSCN7324[1]   Lea can jump on the stool to get in bed. DSCN7325[1]  The bed can come down to make bunk beds, or stay up for more room. DSCN7326[1]     Or Lea can put the railing in the back and use it as a bench. DSCN7327[1]   We also made the railing.  DSCN7328[1]      It can swing open like a gate,DSCN7329[1]      Or come off entirely. DSCN7330[1]       We also started on the shower.

I am finishing up the rain forest house, and starting on the Kitchen. DSCN7868[1]        I covered the shower side of the rain forest house in bamboo. DSCN7871[1]        I started making the fridge. It closes. DSCN7872[1]      And opens with shelves. DSCN7870[1]        I also have a toaster.

This project is taking way longer than I expected, but it is also lots of fun. I hope to have the kitchen and rain forest house finished by camp in June, so I can use them for camp.

I haven’t done much lately. I did a very few things though. DSCN7939[1]        I went through the stuff on the table that I am keeping all the dollhouse stuff on, throwing every not needed thing away, and putting not doll stuff away. DSCN7940[1]        We found a cabinety thing at Goodwill that we decided to use as the bathroom sink and counter. DSCN7941[1]     And we found sink paperclip holders for sinks.

DSCN8025[1]      This week I painted the bathroom cabinet. It looks great, but I don’t have a bathroom for it yet. DSCN8026[1]    And I also finished the refrigerator.

It doesn’t seem like much, but it is better that nothing.

On a trip to the thrift store I finally got some cabinets for the kitchen. I did a lot, and now it is almost done. Here is what I did. DSCN8369[1]                         First of all is the bin that I am painting. DSCN8370[1]                         The bin says salt, but I am using for a potato bin. However my dolls will probably put fruit in it. I will be hanging it on the wall.DSCN8373[1]                      Here is another cabinet/shelf for the wall. I have no idea what it was supposed to be used for, but my dolls will be putting plates in it. DSCN8375[1]                           I also painted this spice rack that I got for the camp infirmary last year. I have other things to use for the camp infirmary, and it will work really well in the kitchen.DSCN8376[1]                         I made this cabinet to hang on the wall.DSCN8377[1]                           It will hold the trash and recycle cans which came from the dollar store.DSCN8379[1]                         I found this organizer at the thrift store. I painted it and turned it on it’s side. The one side is an oven and stove. (I haven’t made the stove top yet) I think I am going to leave the other side for storage. DSCN8380[1]                          I put the sink on the top. The sink is a paperclip holder.DSCN8381[1]                          I made the door out of foam board and masking tape. I made the handle from a foil covered Popsicle stick and two silver pony beads. I love the way it looks!DSCN8382[1]                          The bottom of the door has straws and the main piece has a straw. I put a stick through it and now the door opens. I held it shut with velcro. There are straws in the oven to hold the unmade rack up.

I have no idea what part this is. I lost track a long time ago. Anyway, here is the link to the whole project.  dscn34291                         This is what I have done on the kitchen so far. I have made a lot of process, but I’m not done yet. There is going to be a back splash, a light, more paint, a rug, more cabinets, more counter space.dscn34331                         I have the trash and recycle cans up in a cabinet.   dscn34341                         I hung a spice cabinet up on the wall.dscn34351                          There is a bucket in the corner, where the washing machine will be. dscn34361                   The floor space is just enough room to put the table, a stool. dscn34371                         When I’m using it, I will pull it out onto the ground, so I have space for the dolls.

So that’s it. My progress. I hope you enjoyed!

This week I made a lot of progress on the kitchen. It still needs a light and a couple of other things, but it is mostly done.

dscn35811                          Here is the whole view, with the dining room too. dscn35821                            Just the kitchen. dscn35831                           I added a shelf thing in the corner. The blender is on top of it. dscn35841                       And in the other corner there is a cabinet.

I also added a back splash, and some more paint.

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