Being Diffrent

What do you say when people ask about your dolls? Shrug? Mumble ‘not to old for dolls’? Ignore it?

I’m almost thirteen, three years above the targeted age range for most dolls, yet too young to be a ‘serious’ collector. I collect dolls, but I also play with them.

My friends tell me I am too old for dolls, my sister calls me babyish, and people think I am weird. How does one put up with all that? Over the three years I have loved dolls I have learned some things. I have a friend, a doll collector who is a lot older than me, the one who brought me back into dolls. I have met a couple people like this. There has also been some people who don’t care about dolls at all who have helped me realize that liking strange things is okay. After all, if people liked the same things, the world would be very boring.

That’s part of the reason I joined the online doll community. I like to write and bring stories to others. I like sharing my dolls with other people who care just as much as I do. There are people all over the country, the world. There are young people, older people, boys and girls. I like how the internet brings us all together, and how we can meet people very different from us who like just the same things. I love sharing new things with people who actually care more than, ‘that’s nice kiddo.’

Yet people who you actually know can be nice too. I have a friend, a ten year old girl who plays with dolls just like me. She doesn’t have many people her age who like dolls, and neither do I. We play with dolls together, and share our dolls.

When people tell me I am too old for dolls I might tell them that I know people older who love them just as much, you can never be too old for dolls, I collect them, I am making money off of them, or just plain, I don’t care what you think. If people refuse to be your friend because you like dolls, do you really want to be their friend?

Don’t let others tell you that you are uncool if you like dolls. Don’t stop doing what you love because of someone annoying. People like all kinds of things.

And whatever you do, don’t tell anyone who likes something strange that they are weird. They won’t appreciate it.

3 thoughts on “Being Diffrent

  1. Wow! What a nice post! I’ll always like dolls, but i think I know that there will be a time when I start worrying about more important things and grow out of them.. But when I do, I’ll definitely still post on redheadwithabook!

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  2. Good for you! I hate when I hear that someone thinks there is an age limit on dolls or any other toy for that matter. Yes, some people lose interest as they get older, but that doesn’t make it wrong for those who still enjoy it. Do what you enjoy. People who have to make fun of others who find enjoyment from out of the ordinary are boring and don’t know how to enjoy life.

    (PS. I’m almost old enough to be your grandmother!)

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