A Camp Parade!

This week’s theme is Patriotic to honor Independence day. Today they are doing a parade! (It is, after all, the Fourth of July) Happy Independence day!DSCN8638[1]                       Riley was at the start of the parade. She was to sing, but she was scared. What if everyone laughed at her, or she forgot the words! I don’t want to do this! She thought. DSCN8639[1]                    She looked back at her friends. They all seemed to be encouraging her. Then she remembered something her music teacher had told her when she was scared to sing. ‘If you get scared and run away people with laugh at you more than if you make a mistake. If you make a mistake, people probably won’t notice, but if you run away, you will be branded a coward.’ Riley didn’t want to be a coward. DSCN8640[1]                      She picked up her skirts and skipped away, singing the first song to come into her mind.

“When the sun goes down and the lights burn out then its time for you to shine brighter than a shooting star. So shine no matter where you are.”

Soon she heard the rest of the group singing with her. DSCN8641[1]                    There was Lily Anna, riding the car. There was Joy, bouncing down the street with a sign that read: CAMP PINECONE. DSCN8642[1]                      She saw Mckenna, Grace and Hope cartwheeling down the street. DSCN8643[1]                      Lastly there was Mia and Katelyn waving their ribbons at her.

The Crowd cheered and she decided that the spotlight might not be a bad place to be. Lexie

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