Tour-Camping Area

Since it is Jungle week I am going to show you the closest to a jungle. The camping area. DSCN8680[1]                      Here is an overview. My camping area is in a corner, next to closet. The tent is up on my Guinea Pig’s cage, as that is where I have more room. DSCN8682[1]                       A close up of the tent. I found the tent a a thrift store last year. DSCN8681[1]                        The cabin is in the ‘woods’ right next to the campfire area. DSCN8683[1]                         And then we have the campfire area. The ‘grass’ is a green towel, I have a mini Christmas tree, a dish filled with sticks and usually a flickering tea light, A bench, and a little tree stool.

That’s it. What do you think?


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