Hiking Accessories

This week’s theme is jungle. Your dolls might need some accessories, so here are a couple simple crafts.lea and stuff         Lea displaying a walking stick, flashlight, waterbottle, compass, backpack, and energy bar.


compass            Trace around a bottle cap on scrapbook paper. Cut out the paper and write on it to make it look like a compass. Glue a ribbon to the top if you want.


cardboard vanilla         Fold a piece of cardboard.checker fun          Wrap scrapbook paper around it, write a label on, and cover it with packing tape so it is shiny.

WATER BOTTLE AND FLASHLIGHTwaterlight  Glue three wooden beads together, a plastic bead on top of the flashlight. water flashlight       Cover with foil or silver paper. Glue a bead to the top of the water bottle, and wrap scrapbook paper around the flashlight.


log wog   Cut a piece of bamboo and cover it with strips of ribbon. Glue a ribbon to the end of the stick.

BACKPACKpack for your back      Glue a felt flap to the back of a jeans pocket. Use velcro to keep it shut.glittlr pack   Glue ribbon to the bag and decorate with glitter glue.

lea and stuff    Now you have everything you need for a hike!


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