Wellie Wishers Debut

I went to the American Girl Columbus store this morning. I took pictures of all the Wellie Wishers, and everything else new. Today I will show you the Wellie Wishers, and later the rest of the new stuff. I took quite a few pictures, so I don’t think I missed anything. DSCN8519[1] DSCN8520[1] DSCN8523[1] DSCN8524[1] DSCN8535[1] DSCN8539[1] DSCN8541[1] DSCN8542[1] DSCN8543[1] DSCN8548[1] DSCN8549[1] DSCN8550[1] DSCN8551[1] DSCN8552[1] DSCN8553[1] DSCN8554[1] DSCN8555[1] DSCN8556[1] DSCN8557[1] DSCN8558[1] DSCN8559[1] DSCN8560[1] DSCN8561[1] DSCN8562[1] DSCN8563[1] DSCN8568[1] DSCN8596[1] DSCN8597[1] DSCN8598[1] DSCN8599[1] DSCN8600[1] DSCN8601[1] DSCN8602[1] DSCN8603[1] DSCN8604[1] DSCN8605[1] DSCN8606[1] DSCN8607[1] DSCN8608[1] DSCN8609[1] DSCN8610[1]DSCN8570[1]DSCN8571[1]

The pictures aren’t the best, but I hope you liked seeing the Wellie Wishers!

Till next time!


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