Make A Camp Scrapbook

First of all I want to apologize for the awful pictures. (it drives me crazy!) I am using an I Pad, and I am not very good at it. I did take some pictures, and here they are! How to make a scrapbook!
The scrapbook!img_0160           You will need!


Glue stick

Hole punch

paper (I made mine by smashing colored ice.)

Cardboard. img_0161Start by cutting pieces of cardboard, two for each scrapbook. img_0162       Cut paper to cover each cover. img_0164         Cut paper the same size for the inside of the scrapbook.img_0166        Stack everything the way you want it to be. (Front cover, inside sheets, back cover.) Hole punch the whole stack twice. img_0167-1       Thread ribbon or string through the holes and tie in a bow. img_0168         Put out some scrap booking supplies and let your dolls make scrapbooks! The silver lion group decided to make theirs along the whole summer.


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