Joy’s Journal Part Fourteen

part one part two part three part four part five Part Six part seven part Eight Part Nine Part ten  Part Eleven Part Twelve part thirteenDSCN8463[1]                          After I got checked in, (Savanna’s cabin of course.) I went to our cabin and tapped her. She was caught up in a story our leader Bethany, was telling. DSCN8465[1]                          She stopped what she was doing and hugged me tight.

“I’m so glad you are here!” She exclaimed. “I’ll give you a tour.”DSCN8466[1]                         I plopped my bag on the only empty bed with a thunk.

“I’m ready!”

DSCN8467[1]                     We went first to the rock wall. A wall of lumps and things sticking out was attached to the wall, not much taller than I. A girl my age was standing there.

“You must be the new girl!” She exclaimed. “Come try our rock wall!”

I tried to back out of it. “I have a broken leg. I shouldn’t.”

“You have to!”

Eventually she made me, and I grabbed onto the wall, fearing that I was going to fall. DSCN8468[1]                          I had good reason to fear, for ten seconds after I had started climbing I couldn’t hold on. The world turning blurry I dropped to the ground. DSCN8469[1]                         Just as Savanna stuck out her hand to help me up the dinner bell rang.

“You go.” I told her. “I am going to the infirmary.”

“Are you sure?” She asked. “I could go with you?”

But I insisted on going alone. “I’ll be fine.”DSCN8470[1]                         The infirmary was a cheery place, despite how small it was. DSCN8471[1]                         I plopped on the bed. Then I started telling her everything, ending with: “Can I rest here?”

“Of course!”

DSCN8472[1]                        Somehow I got my journal, writing away. DSCN8473[1]                         A couple hours later I went to bed. The rest of the camp was doing something else, but I was ready to go to bed. Bethany was in the cabin, but she wasn’t paying any attention to me. If she was, I probably wouldn’t have been allowed to go to bed. DSCN8476[1]                       A few minutes later I plopped on the bed and slept, a first day of camp over.


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