My First SnapShotSaturday!

I haven’t gotten any pictures from readers yet, so I am going to post my own. Scroll down to see how you can be in it.

Isabella - Copy                                    This on is of Isabella. She is wearing the outfit I made for her. Mary lyn                                  And this one is Mary Lyn, wearing the outfit that I made for her. DSCN4670                                              A picture of Grace from last summer, when I was stuck at my Grandma’s house for a week. DSCN4964       Lily Anna. DSCN3467         And all of my dolls as of February 2015

If you would like your picture in next week’s SnapShotSaturday:

Send me one picture of dolls or doll related stuff, a caption, the name you would like to be known as, and the link to your blog (if you don’t have a blog, that’s okay, just leave it off.) My Gmail address is prettypiggiegirl. The deadline for each week will be Friday night. If you don’t get it in by then I will include it in the next week’s post.


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