The Great Doll Blog Award

Thank you so much daydreamingdolls for nominating me for this award!

daydreamingdolls questions: 

  • how could you describe your first dolls personality in one word?
  • Spunky!
  • Do you like photo shoots or photo stories better?
  • Hmm, that’s hard. I like them both! I am going to say..Photostories! 
  • What is your current favorite Beforever character?
  • That’s harder. I pick…..Kaya!
  • If you could have one doll furniture item for free what would it be?
  • Lea’s rainforest house
  • What would you create for your dolls room if you had all the supplies you need
  • A rope course. Or a zipline, a diner, a recording studio, a craft station, or a trapoline. 

My Questions

Have you every bought a doll with your own money? If so who?

How did you find out about dolls?

What is your favorite picture you have ever taken of any of your dolls?

Have your dolls every gone on vacation with you?

What is your favorite doll that you do not have?

I nominate………………………………………………………

The ag doll dreamer

Wack a doodle dolls

fun with AG fan

mini mad

Say hello to my little friends

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