An Update

Doll diaries has announced that Char is retiring. See Here.

I am very sad, as I loved Doll diaries. They inspired this blog. I loved reading the posts, doing the crafts, sending things in. I loved camp, and I did it twice with them.

They aren’t doing camp anymore, but I still am. This means I need themes. Comment down below any themes that you think I should use. When I start camp  next week I will pick Twelve themes and use them. Comment as many themes as you want, I will consider all of them.

If you would like to guest post crafts, photostories or shoots, or anything else for camp, email guest post to my gmail account. (Prettypiggiegirl) I will post any appropriate guest posts.

Comment away!

3 thoughts on “An Update

  1. I loved Doll Diaries too! I love the idea of making your own camp! I think that a pet, patriotic, fashion, and farm themed weeks would be neat. 🙂


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