The Dollhouse Project Part Ten

part one part two Part three part four part six part seven Part eight part nine                                                     On a trip to the thrift store I finally got some cabinets for the kitchen. I did a lot, and now it is almost done. Here is what I did. DSCN8369[1]                         First of all is the bin that I am painting. DSCN8370[1]                         The bin says salt, but I am using for a potato bin. However my dolls will probably put fruit in it. I will be hanging it on the wall.DSCN8373[1]                      Here is another cabinet/shelf for the wall. I have no idea what it was supposed to be used for, but my dolls will be putting plates in it. DSCN8375[1]                           I also painted this spice rack that I got for the camp infirmary last year. I have other things to use for the camp infirmary, and it will work really well in the kitchen.DSCN8376[1]                         I made this cabinet to hang on the wall.DSCN8377[1]                           It will hold the trash and recycle cans which came from the dollar store.DSCN8379[1]                         I found this organizer at the thrift store. I painted it and turned it on it’s side. The one side is an oven and stove. (I haven’t made the stove top yet) I think I am going to leave the other side for storage. DSCN8380[1]                          I put the sink on the top. The sink is a paperclip holder.DSCN8381[1]                          I made the door out of foam board and masking tape. I made the handle from a foil covered Popsicle stick and two silver pony beads. I love the way it looks!DSCN8382[1]                          The bottom of the door has straws and the main piece has a straw. I put a stick through it and now the door opens. I held it shut with velcro. There are straws in the oven to hold the unmade rack up.

So that’s it. My progress. I hope you enjoyed!


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