My New Doll!

There are going to be a lot of pictures, and a lot of review.

My Dream was to have my doll home by Easter. She came the Monday before. Every time the mail came I ran to see if she had come. Three weeks later American Girl sent me an email. Your doll has been admitted. That was Wednesday. She came on Monday. I was doing math when she came. I ran outside to meet her. I was doing math, and Mom said I could open her right away, but I did math first. I wanted to be able to play right away. DSCN7644[1]      My Mom really wanted to be there, so while I waited for her I set up my dolls. She had the camera. Here I am opening my box. DSCN7646[1]   Here she is!DSCN7649[1]      Then I lifted the lid! Mia was home!

Yes, you heard me right. I now own Mia. Here are some before/after pictures and review. DSCN7006[1]DSCN7005[1]    My before pictures. I took her head off, washed the body, re stuffed her with lemon sent and strung her head on with a zip tie, since I had to cut the strings to get it off.DSCN7246[1]DSCN7259[1]DSCN7229[1]DSCN7252[1]  The day she left I did a photoshoot. DSCN8324[1]                     Now here is the new her. She came in the hospital gown, socks, and a hair net because I got a new head. And the watch. They were out of hospital bracelets, so they sent a watch and a letter explaining instead. DSCN8326[1]                      The hospital gown looks big, but that is the style. DSCN8328[1]                       It has velcro in the back, a square at the top and another in the middle. DSCN8327[1]                       On the front it says American Girl Doll Hospital. DSCN8329[1]                    Mia also came with pink heart socks. DSCN8330[1]                         And a get well card. DSCN8331[1]                      Here is her beautiful face. DSCN8332[1]                       She had her original underwear. DSCN8333[1]                   She came in this beautiful dress. It’s from 2012 and has LOTS of detail. DSCN8334[1]                        The belt not only goes all the way around, but it ties too!

That’s all.

Oh. You want to know her story?

Well I keep saying second hand doll. I guess I forgot to tell you that she came from a thrift store. As always I ran to the doll section. This time I saw doll feet sticking out. I had found a Springfield doll for four dollars. I found a messed up bitty baby, and a couple of other dolls. Then I saw Mia. I didn’t know who she was, but in one glance I knew it was American Girl. I snatched her up screaming ”
I FOUND AN AMERICAN GIRL DOLL!” Mom shushed me, so I said it quieter. I still couldn’t believe it.  We walked around the store and checked out. The whole way home I tried to figure out who it was. Not Nellie. I looked at the tag. 2008. Maybe, just maybe, it was Mia. I decided against it. Lea says 2014, and she is the 2016 doll. She must be a look alike. I got her home, and looked on the internet with my Mom. DSCN8325[1]                      This hair part is what finally decided for us. I had a Mia! Later that night I saw a doll that looked the same from first glance, but they had differences. When I had enough I sent her to the doll hospital. I was VERY worried I wouldn’t get a Mia back, but I did. I took her to an American girl store. It was an empty day. I told one of the workers there she was Mia, and when I went to get her sent they knew right away she was Mia. They must have talked. She came back with strings! I love that.

Now here is the best part. Although I didn’t care if she was 10$ or 100$ she was only 1$


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