Joy’s Journal Part Twelve

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Over the next few days Savanna and I made and sold more blankets. We came up to 500 dollars! Soon it was time to go to the party in which the winners would be announced. DSCN8311[1]                      As I put on my party dress I was starting to feel bad. I had helped rearrange our room the day before, and it was getting to me. I knew I needed to stay home, but I really really really wanted to go, so I ignored it and pretended that it all was fine. DSCN8312[1]                          I knew I needed to rest, so I took a nap. DSCN8313[1]                     Savanna came in. She was wearing her party dress, and look great in it. DSCN8314[1]                          I got out of the bed and sat next to Savanna. She giggled at my hair.

“Why don’t I fix it for you?” DSCN8315[1]                         I agreed, and she messed with it until time to go. DSCN8317[1]                         Soon we arrived at the party. There were people EVERYWHERE!, and I was starting to get overwhelmed. DSCN8318[1]                         A group of girls Savanna knew were in the corner talking. DSCN8319[1]                        We went over to talk to them. Some of them teased me, but I shrugged it off. DSCN8320[1]                      An hour of dancing, partying, and being overwhelmed later I saw my mom talking to a teacher on stage. DSCN8321[1]                         I walked over to them.

“When are you going to do the awards?”

“In just a minute.”

Mom saw my flushed face. “Are you okay Joy? Your face is flushed.”

“I’m fine.”

But Mom felt my forehead and announced I had a fever. “I’m taking you home.”

I tried to argue my way out of it, but she wouldn’t even let me stay for the awards. As we walked out they did awards.

“In first place Is SAVANNA!” I heard her walk on stage and accept the prize, another recess for a whole week. She didn’t give me any praise, or even acknowledge that I was there. DSCN8322[1]                   Mom came into my room. “Do you need anything Joy?”

“Just leave me alone!”

I was at the point of tears. I really wanted to go to this, and I came down sick. I wasn’t just sick, I was sick of life. Why do things have to turn out wrong?”

DSCN8323[1]                    After the party Savanna came to my house, but I made her go away. I didn’t want to be near her after what she did.

The whole week of an extra recess I was sick. School ended and Savanna went away to camp for the whole summer, leaving me alone with nothing to do except deal with my illness, and feel sorry for myself. When would this end?


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