Review Violet Heart Watch

DSCN8040[1]     What time is it? Time to review the violet heart watch! When I sent one of my dolls to the american girl doll hospital they were out of hospital bracelets so they sent me this watch instead. I have enough hospital bracelets of my own, my dolls don’t need any. I am glad to have a watch though. DSCN8043[1]       The watch is made of plastic with a buckle and a screen. It looks a little bulky around the watch part.  There are no numbers, and the handles are just printed on. I hate this. If I can buy a working watch at the dollar store why should I buy a not working 8$ doll watch? DSCN8046[1]  The strap says A*G and has three holes. DSCN8044[1]   The buckle really works, but although there are three holes it is really hard to get the thing in the last one. It would work for smaller dolls, but that would make it look really weird. I don’t understand this design, but I like that they put a working buckle on it. DSCN8047[1]   There is as button on the side.

I wouldn’t pay 8$ for this, but I am glad to have it. It is a good addition to many outfits. I give it 3/5 stars.

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