Joy’s Journal Part Eleven

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Over the last few weeks Savanna and I had been making blankets. I made them whenever I had time, usually during gym class. The teacher always asked me to join in, but I always refused. Finally we had enough to take them around the neighborhood to sell. DSCN8030[1]       It was a sunny day. Savanna and I had loaded almost thirty blankets on her scooter and we took turns pulling it. DSCN8031[1]  Coming up to the house we asked the lady coming from  the house if she wanted any blankets.

“How much?”

“Ten dollars.”

DSCN8032[1]  The lady picked one out and handed us ten dollars. We went to the next house,  identical to the first and rung the doorbell. DSCN8033[1]        A little girl came to the screen door.

“Would you like to buy some blankets to help support Brazil?”

DSCN8034[1]      The girl ran to get her mom. DSCN8035[1]    They looked at the blankets. DSCN8036[1]    “These would be perfect to give to Abby and Jessie at their birthday sleepover!” The girl exclaimed.
“And these would be perfect in the room you share with your quadruplets.” Her mom said. DSCN8037[1]   The blankets kept disappearing. One colorful lady took all of the bandanna blankets. DSCN8038[1]    We came to the last house.

“Aren’t you the little chronic illness girl?” The lady asked.

“I think you are mis”

“No, you are the little chronic illness girl!”

I rolled my eyes. “Would you like a blanket?”

She took all of them, leaving us with an empty scooter that I hopped on. DSCN8039[1]       “Wow. What was that all about?”

I shrugged. I really wanted to tell her, but it was too late now. “I have no idea.”

I felt bad for lying, but also really good. We had sold all of the blankets, and made almost three hundred dollars! What was to feel bad about?


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