Meet Fancy Nancy

DSCN8016[1]    Meet my new doll Ruby! She is a Fancy Nancy doll, 18 inches tall, but she has the body of a littler girl than the rest of my doll. DSCN8017[1]  Here I have her against a tree so she will stand up. DSCN8018[1]    My mom thinks that her face is creepy, but I don’t mind. Look at her eyes! They are not sleep eyes but they are very detailed. They are green with a gold flower in the middle, and of course the black center. They are outlined with a little darker green. DSCN8019[1]    Ruby’s hair is curly red with purple mixed in. It has been cut some, but it is still beautifulDSCN8020[1]         Another view, this time without the shrug. DSCN8021[1]       And here she turned around.

I made this outfit for Ruby to match her hair and eyes. I think it turned out pretty good. Ruby needed a new outfit because she is going a new place. I decided not to keep her, instead to send her to Broken dolls healing hearts. I have enough dolls, and even though I spent my own money and time on her, knowing that she will go to someone who will really love Ruby and play with her makes all the difference.


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