Joy’s Journal Part Ten

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Today was the day I went to school. I was fine until gym class. I had been walking around on a aching leg all day, and it hurt enough. I knew if I did gym it would be agony. DSCN7979[1]       When I got to the gym I was a little late and they had already started. I saw instantly the gym had changed. They were doing bar now, and Grace was on the bar. DSCN7980[1]      Gathering my courage, I walked up to the teacher.

“Oh Joy! You are finally here again. I am glad that you are well enough to come.”

“I am here, but I don’t think I can do gym today, with my broken leg and all.” I confessed.

“I am sure you can do bar.”

“No.” I instead. “I need to skip today.” DSCN7981[1] Over in the dark two girls were whispering about me.

“She is such a idiot she won’t even do gym.”

“Who does she think she is?” DSCN7982[1] Savanna walked over.

“Seriously?”  She said. “We all know that you want to not have to show everyone your terrible skills, but you don’t have to complain about her getting to leave.”

That was the end of that. DSCN7983[1]   Then Savanna walked over to me.

“Don’t listen to them!” She told me. “They just are jealous that you get to skip class, and they have to do stuff that they are terrible at.”

I giggled.

“I’ll come with you.”

“Okay.” I was grateful for her company. DSCN7984[1] Miss Maria sat on the bed in the nurses office reading a book. DSCN7986[1]   We went in.

“Hello Miss Maria!” I greeted her. “I was wondering if I could rest in here for a bit?”

“Of course!” Miss Maria said. DSCN7987[1]  Savanna left, and I sat on the bed. Miss Maria and I started talking.

“I have an idea for a project for the money raising race,” She told me. “And since you haven’t been here I thought you might like to take it, it’s already started.”

“I’d love to!” DSCN7988[1]        I was handed a book. It was all about Maria in her home country. They really needed fans. DSCN7989[1] Maria plopped a neat pile of folded blankets on my lap.

“I have been making blankets, hoping we could sell them for fans?” She told me.

“That’s a wonderful idea!” I burst out. “I’ll do it!”

“Now you should rest,” Miss Maria reminded me. DSCN7990[1]     So I took the book and read it with the pile of blankets at my feet. DSCN7991[1]  Soon enough gym was over and Savanna came in. DSCN7992[1]     Then I sat up and told her about it. She agreed it was a wonderful idea, one that would surely win. Lexie

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