Joy’s Journal Part Nine

part one part two part three part four part five Part Six part seven part eightDSCN7932[1]      All I was doing was reading a magazine on my bed, ignoring life. DSCN7934[1]

“Hey Joy. We are home.” Mom had returned from her trip.DSCN7933[1]   Then she saw the bandage on my foot.

“What happened here Joy?”

“It’s a long story.”

“I have time.”DSCN7935[1]       So we sat on the bed, and I told her everything. How hard it had been, and Savanna being Mad. Everything. When I had finished, Mom had things to say.

“You need help Joy. I shouldn’t have left you home alone. I am taking you to a therapist, and after that you are going to school.”


She cut me off. “No Joy. You need help, and you are going to get it, like it or not.”

I sighed. “Fine.”


After that things changed. Every day the next week I hung out at the therapist. She helped me, and got me ready to go to school. It helped to know someone cared.


DSCN7936[1]  The night before I was going to go to school again I was laying in bed worrying. What if Savanna hated me, what if I couldn’t do it?  DSCN7942[1]  Then Savanna came up to me. Mom must have let her in.

“Before you send me away, just listen. I came to say I am sorry. I know you are dealing with a lot, and I shouldn’t have gotten mad about you not coming to school.”DSCN7943[1]         I slid off of the bed and sat next to Savanna.

“It’s okay, I guess. I understand. I am coming back to school tomorrow.”

She jumped up and down. “Really!”

Then she noticed. “What happened to your foot?” I had enough secrets from her. I finally opened up and told her, if not the real secret at least something.

“Please don’t tell anyone.” I begged “I have been feeling forgotten, sad, like I am never going to get over this.” DSCN7944[1]        I looked away. “I dropped a knife on my foot.”

Even though I never said it she knew what I meant.

“Joy!” She cried. “I would never be able to lose you!” DSCN7945[1]Then she hugged me.

“Be more joyful. Don’t leave!”

But at that moment she was all the joy I needed. Just knowing someone cared.


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