Joy’s Journal Part Seven

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DSCN7882[1]    Later that day I decided to get some fresh air, and the mail. DSCN7883[1]        My foot twisted. DSCN7885[1]    And I fell to the ground.DSCN7886[1]    Left staring at the cloudless sky.

A couple hours later Mom came with Hope. Savanna was there. DSCN7897[1]

“What are you doing Joy?” Mom asked. Her hair was messy, like she had had a long day.

“Cloud gazing.”

Mom seemed to know that it wasn’t the right answer. DSCN7899[1]    She pulled me up. “Savanna is here to see you. Why don’t you go talk to her.” DSCN7900[1]     Savanna and I walked down the street together. She knew something was wrong, that I didn’t feel well. DSCN7901[1]    She came up into my room and pushed a bed next to the bunks so she sit. DSCN7902[1]      As soon as I asked her what was happening in school she started talking.

“They are doing a fundraiser for homeless people. You can work alone or in teams. The teams can do it however they want, but the team that makes the most gets an extra recess for a whole week, the last week in school. I was kinda hoping you could do it with me?”

“I don’t think I can.”

“Can’t you help? You can walk! Why can’t you help, or come to school, or do anything anymore?” Without waiting for an answer, she left.


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