Joy’s Journal Part Six

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Sorry about the lack of posts. My homeschool play is very soon, and I have been busy with that. Anyway! Joy’s Journal part SIX!DSCN7874[1]  Several days after they released me from the hospital I sat in bed at home. It was a school day, but I had no intention of going. My leg wasn’t healing very well, and I didn’t feel well enough to go. I was just to tired, and sore. It was like I broke everything instead of just a leg. Plus the pain medicines weren’t helping. Same story as every day for the past two weeks. DSCN7875[1]       Mom came in the room.

“Are you feeling up to going to school today?”

All she needed was the look on my face. I wasn’t going.

“Savanna stopped by and asked to see you. Is that okay?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

DSCN7876[1]      Soon Savanna’s cheerfulness filled the room.

“Hi, Joy! How are you feeling today!?”

“Same.” I managed to say. I sat up and patted the spot next to me. Savanna came and sat down. DSCN7878[1]         “I really miss you, you know.” It was like all of her cheerfulness left. “Why can’t you ever come to school?”

The real reason was because of with my broken leg and the chronic illness, I just never felt up to it. I couldn’t tell her that though. I came up with something, though it didn’t seem all that true.

“I had a really bad break, and the doctor told me to stay home for awhile.”

Savanna looked like she didn’t believe me, but she said “Oh.”

Savanna slipped something on my wrist. “I made you something.” DSCN7879[1]         It was a pearl bracelet. I turned around to thank her, but she was gone.


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