Lily Anna’s Troubles, Easter Version Finale

DSCN7802[1]         “I’m going to get some help. I won’t be gone long.” DSCN7804[1]         Faith was checking email. Suddenly the email to Lily Anna came up.

“Lily Anna must have run away! Why didn’t she come to us for help? We could have helped her! Running away won’t solve anything. It only made us lose her! She only cares about herself.” DSCN7805[1]        “Faith?” Joy asked.

“Yes, Joy?”

“Lily Anna showed me the email, and I just thought she was making things up. That’s why she ran away.” DSCN7807[1]     At that moment Lily Anna came rushing in.

“Lily Anna you are in so much trouble!”

“You have to help me!”

“You will be in much more trouble if you send me on wild goose chases.”

Lily Anna didn’t hesitate a moment. “Ida is worth more then any consequence.”

Then Lily Anna told Faith where Ida was, and to go get her, and bring her in. That was when Faith realized that Lily Anna wasn’t thinking only of herself. DSCN7808[1]       Ida lay on the ground, shivering. DSCN7809[1]       Faith picked her up to take her inside. Then she realized how sick Ida was, and how lucky Ida was to have Lily Anna. DSCN7810[1]     She set her on the bed, and sent Lily Anna off to find an Easter outfit. DSCN7811[1]        There Lily Anna was. Home, safe, and pretty. It was a dream come true. Ida and Lily Anna were in a safe home together once again.


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