Lily Anna’s Troubles Easter Special

DSCN7706[1]         I peeked around the corner. DSCN7708[1]      Grandma and Grandpa were arguing over Ida, who was sleeping.

“This little girl is so sick we used up all our money caring for her, and now we don’t have a house! We need to get rid of her.”

“But if Lily Anna comes, like we told her to, Ida must be there.”

“Doesn’t matter if Ida is there or not. We will force her to be a maid and give all of her money to us.”

So that was who sent the message. I realized that it would be a wonderful thing that I am here, if they ‘got rid’ of Ida. She was so sick that she would die if not cared for. DSCN7709[1]   Grandma took Ida and dropped her in the street. DSCN7710[1]   Then she turned and walked away. DSCN7711[1]     “Now are you happy!” DSCN7712[1]        I ran to get Ida. I couldn’t leave her to die! DSCN7713[1]        I picked the sleeping girl up, and went to find a place to sleep. DSCN7717[1]    We found a place to spread out the blanket, and fall fast asleep. DSCN7715[1]      In the morning we sat and talked for awhile before setting off. She told me that she had been a maid, been exposed to toxic stuff, and gotten sick. That was when our grandparents sent the email. They wanted me to be the maid. I told her that I was going to come and get her so she wouldn’t have to be with whoever it was. DSCN7716[1]    After awhile we wet out again. The pace was slow going, and we stopped to rest several times.  After half an hour, Ida couldn’t walk anymore, and I had to carry her. DSCN7718[1]         She got a piggyback ride, and we walked for a few hours. Just when I knew where I was… DSCN7719[1]         I lost my footing. DSCN7720[1]       And we fell. No doubt about it, we had to stop and rest.                                Lexie

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