Spring Doll Clothes

DSCN7638[1]DSCN7637[1]DSCN7633[1]          First day of spring! It’s time to change out your winter clothes for spring ones. But what if you got your first doll in winter, and it doesn’t have any spring clothes? It’s time to make her some!

DSCN7627[1]   You will need:

Random stretchy fabric (Stretchy fabric doesn’t need to be hemmed.)

A big circle for tracing around.



DSCN7629[1]   For a dress or shirt trace around a big circle. DSCN7630[1]   Like so.DSCN7631[1]    Fold it quarters and cut a neck hole and arm holes. DSCN7632[1]   Making the holes bigger if needed, try it on your doll. Use ribbon or string for a sash. And that’s it! To make it a shirt, make it less long, and for a skirt cut a waist hole. DSCN7633[1]    Here Eileen is modeling the dress.  DSCN7637[1]    Isabella is wearing the skirt and a shirt. DSCN7638[1]   And Lily Anna is wearing a pant leg cut off to make a skirt, and a sock with holes cut in it.

Now you can make your dolls some easy spring outfits!


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