Review-My Life As Mega Blocks

On Monday we went to five below. One of the isles has Lego type blocks in it, and Mom pointed out the My Life As sets. I asked her for her phone to take pictures of them. She asked why I was taking pictures, and I told her they were for my blog.

“Do you write about other stuff too?” She asked, confused.

Then she realized that they were ‘a doll brand’. She pointed them out because they were little dolls, but I thought she knew they were a My Life As set. Anyway, here are the pictures from the store. a270d5c6-4086-4cc8-b3c6-f52b68611206

this picturehores picbbxnellat                     My mom bought me one (Thank you Mom!) so I am going to review it. I picked the pretty ballerina. DSCN7411[1]  Here is the box after I took everything out of it. DSCN7430[1]                                                                  And the back of the box. It shows a ballet studio. DSCN7412[1]       The card board everything is displayed on looks like the ballet studio on the back of the box. It does little for playing with it. It would have been nice if they included a back drop, or made the box bigger so the back of the box could actually be used. DSCN7414[1]      It includes a set of stickers for the set, and a My Life As and Mega Blocks sticker. DSCN7415[1]Here is the set put together one of the ways it shows. Kathleen The mini figure can use the bar, and listen to music. DSCN7416[1] Here’s another view.DSCN7417[1]  Kathleen can Hold on to the bar like this, but her feet have to be off of the pink block, and they don’t line up with the blue block.DSCN7418[1]      If the pink blocks are removed she can stand up straight. DSCN7419[1]   She can bend over some too.DSCN7422[1] Let’s talk bout the mirror. It’s a real mirror, and clear plastic forms a box around it. You can build things on the top, and connect the bottom to things. DSCN7425[1]   The speaker thing is nice, but a piano would have been better. The speaker is a block with a sticker on it. The MP3 is another block with a sticker, and the stand is another block.DSCN7426[1]  The MP3 comes apart from the speaker, which is cool but I haven’t used it. DSCN7427[1] This is Kathleen. DSCN7428[1]   Her body moves so she can sit, her head moves, and her arms swivel. It would have been nice for them to turn so she can put both hands on the bar. Her legs do not move! I am really disappointed about this. How can you have a ballerina if her legs don’t move! Her feet do have indentations to stay upright on legos. DSCN7429[1]   She comes apart. DSCN7431[1]        I built a ballet studio for the set, because it isn’t all that much fun on it’s own. It would be great to build a ballet studio for, (Like I did) or add it to an existing ballet studio for a speaker and bar.

Five dollars is an okay price for this. I would have liked it to be cheaper, but it still works.

I give it 8/10


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