Quick Craft-St Patrick’s Day Headband

DSCN7385[1]Because I did no (except fixing the closet) work on the dollhouse you get a St Patrick’s day craft. This is super simple, can be made many different ways, and if you make it in different colors it can be a summer headband. DSCN7376[1]        I used yarn, duck tape, scissors, and a button. DSCN7377[1]     Start by folding a piece of duck tape in half on itself. DSCN7380[1]   Now fold it again, and cut a petal shape out of all four layers, DSCN7381[1]   You will have a flower/shamrock. DSCN7382[1]    Make a loop of duck tape, sticky side out, and thread a piece of yarn big enough to go around your doll’s head.DSCN7383[1]   Stick it onto the back of your shamrock. DSCN7384[1]     Cover the sticky side with duck tape, and add duck tape to the front. Add buttons if desired. DSCN7385[1]  Lily Anna is wearing the headband. I twisted the ends to look like a leaf, and slid the shamrock over it.

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