Review-Marigold Market Boots

DSCN7365[1]       A few weeks ago we got a new Hobby Lobby! We went to the grand opening, and I got some doll boots. They were five dollars, and I think they are worth what we paid for them. DSCN7366[1]Here is Abby modeling the boots again. They fit well, and she can stand well in them. (Abby doesn’t stand well.) DSCN7368[1]   And here are the boots off the doll. DSCN7369[1]They have fake fur on them, and a ribbon with pompoms on the ends. DSCN7373[1]     In this picture you can see how the ribbon is attached. They also have a working zipper on the side, but it is more for show than getting the boots on and off. DSCN7374[1]  You can tie the ribbons, or loop them around an extra time. DSCN7375[1]      The bottom of the shoe is a lot like a real snow boot would be.

Over all I love these boots. They are designed as snow boots, but they could work as fashion boots too, for summer or spring. On a scale of one to five I give them a six!


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