Joy’s Journal Part Five


part one part two part three part fourDSCN7331[1]         I layed in a hospital room, Mom on the bench next to me. I didn’t know where I was, or why I was here. DSCN7332[1]         I sat up and looked around. Mom still read her book. By the furniture I guess a hospital room, and then I remembered falling off the beam. DSCN7333[1]Mom set down her book and moved closer to talk to me. DSCN7334[1]   But then the nurse came.

“Oh Joy you are awake! I’m one of the nurses here, and I am going to help make you comfortable. You broke you leg. Can I get you anything?”

“Can you come here a minute?” Mom asked. “We should talk.”DSCN7336[1]     So the nurse came and sat down to talk to me.

“So what happened?” That was all. No chance for mom to explain, no baby voice, just a nurse talking to me.

“I fell off the beam at gym.” I told her. But somehow she could sense that there was more, and she didn’t say anything. I took that as a cue to continue. “Last time I had gym I was good at it, and they wanted me to move up a level so I could do more. But it hurt so bad the first time I fell off the beam so I didn’t have to do it again.”DSCN7337[1]Mom turned to her.

“She has a chronic illness.”

“Well I have something that can help with that! I will be right back!” DSCN7339[1]  And she was gone. DSCN7340[1]    Then she returned with a jar of pills.

“These might help. Also being gluten free might help with your chronic illness.” Then she left. DSCN7341[1]Behind her Savanna almost toppled over under the weight of some stuff. I had no idea how long she had been there, and how much she had heard, but I didn’t say anything and nether did she. DSCN7343[1]   She dumped the stuff on my bed and I winced. DSCN7344[1] “Broken leg. See?” She moved over. DSCN7346[1] “First of all a teddy bear.” DSCN7347[1]    “And a card everyone signed.” DSCN7348[1]“Some macaroons” DSCN7349[1]“And a brush.” DSCN7350[1]     As she did my hair, I felt so much better. But soon she had to leave. DSCN7351[1]   And that night I lay in bed wondering. “what if everyone knew my ‘secret’?”


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