The Dollhouse Project Part Five

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We made some progress. DSCN7321[1]Here’s the overview. First of all we made the bed work. DSCN7323[1]There is a string connecting one bed wall to the other.  DSCN7324[1]   Lea can jump on the stool to get in bed. DSCN7325[1]  The bed can come down to make bunk beds, or stay up for more room. DSCN7326[1]     Or Lea can put the railing in the back and use it as a bench. DSCN7327[1]   We also made the railing.  DSCN7328[1]      It can swing open like a gate,DSCN7329[1]      Or come off entirely. DSCN7330[1]       We also started on the shower.


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