The Dollhouse Project Part Four

part one part two Part three

We made a tiny bit of progress yesterday, but I did a lot of stuff by myself, so there is a bunch of progress. DSCN7317[1]Here is a blurry overview of it. DSCN7318[1]     In American Girl’s version there is one bed that moves up and down. In mine it doesn’t come all the way to the wall and there are two. I haven’t figured out how to make it work all the way yet though.DSCN7320[1]   We had some tree rings for a science project, and I took one and made it into a table. I started with just gluing bamboo to it, but that didn’t work so I got dad to drill holes in it for me. I also made two chairs out of bamboo. I might make another one, I haven’t decided. DSCN7319[1]There was a smaller one so I made a stool. We also are starting on doing the floor.

Until next Monday!


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