American Girl Columbus

I have these pictures from December…..I forgot to post them, and everyone loves to see american girl store pictures, no matter where they are from. Today I will be doing the Christmas stuff (Dresses, trees) and later I will do the rest. DSCN6462[1]Here is the in store exclusive dress. DSCN6463[1]It was on sale. DSCN6461[1]Here is Julie and Kit’s dresses. DSCN6459[1]  And here is Rebecca’s DSCN6458[1]Josafina’s dress Is really pretty. DSCN6457[1]Samantha!DSCN6455[1]Maryellen’s dress is a bridesmaid dress turned into a birthday dress, which is green and could be a Christmas dress.DSCN6496[1]When you walk into the store you see these dolls, and the scene. DSCN6497[1]Here is the carriage. Grace snuck a ride. DSCN6488[1]  The sparkle spotlight outfit was there. DSCN6494[1]Lastly we have the Christmas tree…DSCN6495[1]   and the gifts under it.


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