Lea Earrings Review

I haven’t been posting as much as I should, yes I know. I’m just going to blame it on the fact that we are doing a science fair, and not regular school. Works really well right? Yeah I didn’t think so. Anyway, we went to the Ag store yesterday. (And by the way I have three sets of photos to share) I got Lea’s ears pierced, and I am about to show you them. By the way, Isabella and Mary Lyn are up for sale. Buy Mary Lyn Here and Isabella hereDSCN7278[1]Here Lea is. You pay and chose which set you want, then they take your doll in a room and pierce her ears, then come back with her and the earrings. Usually there is a doll sized bag too, but they said that they were revamping them to make them more Eco friendly, and they didn’t have any. Though I can’t take the earrings out of Lea’s ears yet, they pierce her ears with a duplicate of one of the pairs of earrings, so I will show you the earrings on Eileen. DSCN7280[1]Here is a close up of her earrings. DSCN7283[1]Eileen is ready to model. She has already pierced ears, so she can model. DSCN7281[1]These are the earrings you get. They come on a cardboard wedge, holding the earrings. DSCN7285[1]   For the first time, these are gold, and not silver. You can’t see the front, but it is her symbol, and the duplicate pair of earrings. DSCN7297[1]  The dangles are pink and orange beads, and they go with both pairs of studs. They are on string connected to a ring that goes on the stud. They stay in place instead of swinging like real earrings. Here are the choices.



I paid 17.20 (Tax included.) When I got mine done I think it was like 20$ (It was at least two years ago) For the solution, earrings, and piercing. I think 17$ is an okay price for four pairs of earrings and a hole. I would recommend it.


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