Joy’s Journal Part Four

part one part two part three


We went to gym class again. I groaned because I didn’t want to do it. I sat next to Savanna as we listened to the teacher. 

“Joy will go first.” She said “Because we have a special guest joining us today to see her.” 

I gasped. Someone wanted to see me? 

DSCN7059[1]A woman I didn’t recognize came in. 

“This is the gymnastics teacher.” She explained “If she likes what she sees, Joy will work with her during the gym time instead of here.” 

“I’m Katrina.” The woman explained. “And I think you have potential Joy!”  DSCN7060[1]

I was stuck. I couldn’t go to a gym class by myself. I would be miserable. Then I had an idea. I smiled as I though of it. I was going to have a case of over confidence.

“Are you ready Joy?” DSCN7061[1]I stood up. “I am ready.DSCN7062[1]I got on the beam as everyone went to the wall.DSCN7063[1]Then I tried a fancy flip. DSCN7066[1]Then (Just as planed) I fell off. I heard a sharp crack, and felt a lot of pain. I screamed.DSCN7067[2]Everything was blurry as Savanna walked over to me.  DSCN7068[1]Then the world went black. 


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