Joy’s Journal Part Three

I got braces last week, and I didn’t have time to post, so here is Joy’s journal! 

DSCN7026[1]We were staring our gym class this week. Miss Rachel the gym teacher stood near the beam, and told us to do a leap, cartwheel, and dismount. DSCN7027[1]Maria instantly fell off. DSCN7028[1]Savanna got on. DSCN7029[1]But she leaped/fell off. DSCN7030[1]Then it was my turn. I was last, and it was almost time to leave. I got on the beam. DSCN7031[1]LeapedDSCN7032[1]CartwheeledDSCN7033[1]And dismounted. DSCN7034[1]Savanna started hugging me, and the teacher said something in the background that didn’t click until later.


“You are amazing! I’ll have to see if I can get you into a more advanced class, where you have more time to do stuff.”DSCN7035[1]In bed that night it hurt. A lot. I couldn’t handle all the pain, it hurt so bad. I thrashed around, trying to go to sleep.

“I never want to do gym class again!” I thoughtDSCN7036[1]“Stop wiggling!” Hope yelled at me as she turned over. 

“Fine!” I yelled back. I stopped wiggling, but it hurt. It would hurt to get out of bed and get some pain killer, but it hurt to be in bed. I wanted to scream. Finally I dragged myself out of bed.DSCN7037[1]I went to get Mom who gave me pain killer. DSCN7039[1]Then I slept next to her the rest of the night. I felt better. Until I remembered what Miss Rachel had said. “I’ll put you in a better class where you have more time to do stuff.” What was I going to do now?




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