The Dollhouse Part Two-Lea’s Room

Part Two-The Rain forest Bedroom

The top of the cabinet was going to be a bedroom. Then it turned into Lea’s room. Then we decided to make it her rain forest house. The going is slow, but we have made lot’s of progress. We decided to try to make it more like a real rain forest house, instead of like the american girl one.DSCN7018[1]Here’s an overview. The window is just a hole, and you can see the posters behind it. So far we have used scrapbook paper, the bottom of a bag, bamboo, and string. The base is two project boards taped together, and we have used a lot of bamboo and string.  DSCN7019[1]

We put it on a board so we could make a floor without damaging the cabinet, and so there is room to play outside of the house. DSCN7021[1]

We used two project boards for the walls, and then extended the house out with a piece of Bamboo. In between is a piece of pink tulle for mosquito netting. The roof comes out some, and the parts that stick out will be hooks for the hammock. DSCN7023[1]The wallpaper is scrapbook paper. We glued it on, and folded it in the corners. DSCN7022[1]On the roof we used lots of bamboo, and the roof is parts of a bag. The roof is removable, and we might make different roofs to switch out.

That’s all I have for now.


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