The Dollhouse Project Part 1

Several weeks ago, Faith told the girls they were moving. For Christmas my Mom and I are making a dollhouse. I got a cabinet, which we are going to turn into a dollhouse. The dollhouse updates will be on Monday’s, and there will be a lot of parts.

So welcome to my messy room!DSCN7007[1]Here is my room. DSCN7008[1]This is the table that used to be the dollhouse. It is currently holding most of the doll stuff I have. Eventually, it will be part of the dollhouse too, but the other part has to come first. DSCN7009[1]Here is the cabinet. We moved it into my room, and moved the shelves around. DSCN7010[1]And here is my closet. I have tension rods from the cabinet to the wall, and hangers on it. I mostly hang up outfits, and dresses. All the dolls shard everything, so it works. DSCN7011[1]DSCN7012[1]And in the cabinet I have buckets to hold everything that doesn’t fit in the closet.

So that is most of the updates for this week.


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