How To Make A Snorkel And Goggles


This weekend I made goggles and a snorkel for Lea. They are super simple to make, but they take a lot of time.


Goggles supplies:

Felt and plastic, (I ended up not needing it.)



Hot glue,

Two straws,

Mini rubber bands,

Clear plastic packaging.  DSCN6972[1]Wrap your plastic around your doll’s head. Cut it as thick as you want it to be. DSCN6973[1]Fold it on the sides of her heads. DSCN6974[1]Cut out a place for the nose thing to be.DSCN6975[1]Now cut your straws down the middle, so there is a slit and you can straighten it out.DSCN6976[1]Cut a piece of straw to go across the top of the plastic.DSCN6977[1]Unfold the straw and put some glue in it. Press the plastic in it. DSCN6979[1]When you get to a fold, make a small snip in the straw so it will fold. DSCN6981[1]Continue gluing straws around the edge, until all the edges are covered. DSCN6987[1]Take some Play Dough and press it onto your dolls nose to make a nose piece. I was going to use glue, but that didn’t work out. DSCN6988[1]Braid some string and glue it to your goggles.

DSCN6989[1]Then cut it in half, and tie the ends to a mini rubber band, so it will stretch. DSCN6990[1]You can do it in the middle, or twice. I chose twice. Glue your nose piece on when it is dry, and go swimming! DSCN6991[1]For the snorkel I made a mouth piece the same was as the nose piece. I took an old hanger, (Kid sized) and cut a piece out of it. Find a broken hanger, or ask your parents if you can use a non broken one. Glue a mouth piece on.


And you are done!


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