Doll Mixer

We went to a museum this weekend. They have a teen tech  studio. There is a bunch of technology there, and as long as you are learning you can use it.  Now why did I tell you all this? I must have made something. Right. And you get to see it. I used the 3D printer to print something I made awhile ago, in August. Back When Grace wasn’t even close to retiring. Even though it’s not her year, you can still enjoy the mixer.


Here is Grace looking at her new mixer. (Wondering how it works, it doesn’t have a beater yet) DSCN6884[1]

Here it is, close up. There is a bowl and a base. Since it’s made out of plastic it’s shiny. The 3D printer does it in lines, so it had a certain texture.


Her is the bowl. It stands up on it’s own, and it holds stuff. It looks sort of like half and Easter egg, and since none of my other doll bowl fit in there, I might use Easter eggs as bowls.


And here is the base. If I get tired of it being a mixer, I might put it on the doll desk as a lamp. You might be wondering what that orange circle is doing there…


The top moves up and down to get the bowl out, and that is the pin. Pretty cool huh?


And here is another view of the top.


It’s a little small to be a mixer, (It’s only three inches.) But it still looks great in the kitchen.


One more picture.

See? This is why you should go to museums. So you can make cool stuff. You can’t really print anything big on the 3D printers, so it is perfect for making doll stuff.


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