Review of Grace’s Opening Night Outfit

So this was Wednesday’s post, but it didn’t happen. Now it’s Friday’s post!

I love this outfit, so I bought it 20% off during the sales.


So here is Grace wearing the outfit. It looks great on her, and other dolls. I had a dress a lot like this, so it makes it that much more special.


Here’s the headband. It has a tulle fan thing, and a giant tag. DSCN6819[1]

(Sorry about the blurriness.) The base is covered in cloth, which surprised me.


It doesn’t come down enough to work as a headband, but it is really pretty anyway.


Now for the shoes! They are sandals,with two black straps, and a silver strap thing. It is a little bit of a heel.



The back is one piece, and the strap goes through it. The part hidden by the back is elastic. It is a little hard to get on, but doable.


Now for the dress! It is pink with sequins and tulle.


There is more then one layer of tulle on the skirt. There is also a black velvet waistband.


The sequin part curves, and the top is just tulle. I like the way it looks though.


Here’s the back. It curves in the back, but doesn’t have sequins. The waistband goes all the way around, but isn’t removable. The way the back is, you can see the strings, which is annoying.

Overall I give it a 9 out of ten. It is great, but there are some flaws, and the price is pretty high.


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