From 2015 To 2016

It’s a new year,  a new beginning. Some things will change this year, starting with the posts. The content won’t change but what gets posted will.

Monday Make something Monday. (Crafts) 

Tuesday  Photo story Tuesday. (Stories) 

Wednesday Review Wednesday.  (Reviews) 

Thursday Thrifty Thursday (Crafts using recycled items, or thrifty finds.) 

Friday Freestyle Friday. (Anything I want.) 

Thursday is when my home school group meets, so there won’t always be posts, but sometimes there will be. Now on to the 2015 stats!


This year I had 4,796 views. The most month I had the most views was December, when I had my Lea Clark post up.


I had 243 posts last year. The Lea one was the most popular.


The top commenter was:

Me! Sorry people, no one can out comment me! (Especially because I reply to almost every comment.)

The other top commenters are :

Samanthadolls  with 22 comments

Laniey  with 19 comments

Christian Homeschooler  with 12 comments

Clara with 12 comments

A Barefoot Gal  with 9 comments

Cutepolarbear with 10 comments

Thank you to everyone who commented. I love it when I get a new comment.




United states, Canada, France, Brazil, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Mexico, Poland, Italy, and 53 more, many of which I have never heard of.

Weirdest search terms 

upcoming ever after high dolls 2015 in box 

our generation dolls meet them

how to make 5t little red riding hood dress costume

ever after doll, minnie mouse

next generation doll named june in a basketball outfit

grace’s bakery too expensive

american girl 2015 girl of the year grace copy cooking stand with bonbon in it

watching the parade dolls 

No offence whatsoever if you searched one of these, I just thought they were weird.

Thank you everyone, readers, followers, commenters.

I hope this year will be even better!


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