Christmas day


On Christmas day we all stood in the park, waiting for the fun to begin. Sandie, Mckenna, Eileen, Lily Anna, and Katelyn were having a dance competition, with Riley and Mary Lyn providing the music. The rest of the girls were going to have a fashion competition.

“Okay girls.” Faith started. “This is a nice event and we need to see who can look the best for it. You have five minutes, some supplies, and then we will judge.


Grace raced in first.


She grabbed a brush and ponytail.


Though soon the girls started rushing in.


Everyone grabbed something, and started.

“Minute warning!” Faith announced. ” 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1! And you are done! Please line up to be judged!”


The girls lined up, hoping they were good enough.


Faith came and arranged them in order of best to worst. Grace was happy to be at the front.


Rachel was last, and Abby was lower then she hoped, but Isabella was surprised to come in second. DSCN6734[1]

“You may pick something for yourself Grace.” Faith told her. “The rest of you have to give something away.


Grace took the teddy bear.


Then the rest of the girls got something and gave it away. DSCN6738[1]

Riley and Mary Lyn went to the key bored, Riley playing the flute, and Mary Lyn the key bored.


The girl got in their places, just as Faith started talking.

“It’s a dance off. Everyone dance till they drop. Good luck!”


Eileen fell down and knocked everyone else down.


Lily Anna still stood though, and she kept dancing.


She fell into splits just as the song ended.

“Congratulates Lily Anna!” Faith said “You survived the song with getting knocked over!”


They all stood back up to get their prizes.


Lily Anna picked a bracelet.


Sandie picked a doll and gave it to Eileen.

“You are giving me a doll even though I knocked you over?” She asked.

“I still like you.” Sandie told her. “You didn’t mean to knock anyone over. I know you like dolls, so have this one.”

All too son the games were over, and it was time to play.


Maria got a camera, so she took everyone’s picture by the Christmas tree, and made a collage. Here it is.



We had a blast ice skating.


Then we came in and watched a Christmas movie in our PJS.

One thing is for sure. It was an amazing Christmas.

Merry Christmas,

Mckenna, Abby, Riley, Katelyn, Grace, Hope, Joy, Maria, Faith, Lily Anna, Rachel, Sandie, Eileen, Isabella, Mary Lyn, and of coarse,


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