The Truth About Grace


The girls were asleep in their room. Three of the girls were sound asleep.


Eileen groaned and was about to go back to sleep when she realized. ‘It’s the last day of the year!’ and checked her blogs. None of the blogs stood out to her, when suddenly she found Lea, girl of the year 2016. She tapped Mckenna, who came over to sit on her bed.


They poured over the pictures together.


A grumbling Maria came in telling them to be quiet.

“We just saw the next girl of the year!”


Pretty soon Maria, Lily Anna, and Hope sat with them, staring at the pictures.

“I want to see it!” Hope yelled. She made a grab for it, but it fell between the wall and the bed.


Sandie started to grumble but soon she saw what it was.

“Is this Lea?” She shrieked. “Grace’s replacement?”

DSCN6688[1]Then she realized that Grace was in the room. She tried to take it back but Grace just turned over and cried. Mckenna shoved everyone out of the room so she could talk to her.


“Come on Grace.” Mckenna tried to convince her. “Come out and talk to me.” Grace sighed but she got up.


She got on the top bunk, buried her face in her arms, and cried.

“What did I do wrong?”


After some luring by Mckenna, Grace came out and sat with her to talk.

“Why am I getting replaced? Am I not good enough?”

Mckenna giggled, remembering what she had gone through. “Grace, It’s not that you are not good enough. You are plenty good enough. But you are a girl of the year, not girl of the years.”

“But I don’t want to retire!” Grace burst out.

“If you didn’t retire, then you wouldn’t have so much stuff.” Mckenna explained “Plus remember how much stuff Lexie made for you, and how much she played with you?”

“Yeah I guess that’s true. I had a lot of fun in my year,” Grace admitted. “and I was really excited to be here.”

“Another girl is coming here instead.” Mckenna told her.

“I had a lot of fun in my year.” Grace said.  “I don’t want to go, but it will be fun having a new friend. I bet we will be great friends.”

“I have an idea!” Mckenna explained. And then she was gone.


Mckenna herded her sisters into the park. Eileen and her wore her clothes, and used her things.

“I’ll go get her.” Mckenna told the girls “When she get’s here yell surprise, and we’ll have our party.”


Grace was in the kitchen, cooking up a treat. Then without a word, Mckenna pulled her away.


Mckenna pulled her into the park, and everyone yelled surprise! Grace looked to Mckenna for an explanation.

“I just wanted to make you feel better about getting retired, so I set up a party.” Mckenna told her.

“Free treats!” Eileen yelled.


Grace went up to her cart to get a treat.


Then she talked.


Then, when everyone was ready they went into the kitchen to decorate a gingerbread house.


The gingerbread house got moved to make room for them to play pool.


So they did till ten till midnight.


They paraded to the living room.


Then they got ready to watch the ball drop.


“This is nice Mckenna.” Grace told her. “Thank you.”


10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1! The ball dropped and Grace was retired. But for once she didn’t care.


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