A Wordless Photo Story

I have lots of posts I need to get up. They will get up there someday. I took pictures of Eileen at my Grandma’s house so here they are, arranged in story order.

DSCN6540[1] DSCN6541[1] DSCN6542[1] DSCN6543[1] DSCN6544[1] DSCN6545[1] DSCN6546[1] DSCN6547[1] DSCN6558[1] DSCN6549[1] DSCN6550[1] DSCN6551[1] DSCN6552[1] DSCN6553[1] DSCN6557[1] DSCN6558[1] DSCN6559[1] DSCN6560[1] DSCN6561[1] DSCN6562[1] DSCN6563[1] DSCN6565[1] DSCN6566[1] DSCN6567[1] DSCN6570[1] DSCN6571[1] DSCN6572[1] DSCN6574[1] DSCN6575[1] DSCN6576[1] DSCN6577[1] DSCN6579[1] DSCN6580[1] DSCN6581[1] DSCN6582[1] DSCN6583[1] DSCN6586[1] DSCN6587[1] DSCN6589[1] DSCN6592[1] DSCN6595[1] DSCN6596[1] DSCN6597[1]


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