Christmas Eve Fun


All the dolls (Except Sandie who was at a dance meet.) gathered in the living room. Now fourteen girls fills any living room, but this one happened to be very small. Squished to each other the girls gathered to hear what Faith had to say.


Faith started talking.

“Last year only Mckenna was here. On Christmas Eve though, Three more girls came. Now we have fifteen.”

“Fourteen.” Someone corrected.

“Fifteen.” Faith smiled really big, and called Mary Lyn out.


A girl came out. She had blonde hair and brown eyes. Although she seemed somewhat shy she said her name and curtsied. “I’m Mary Lyn.”


She then sat down.


Faith continued. “Now that we have fifteen dolls the traditions have changed. Ready to hear what we are doing this year?” Fourteen girls cheered. DSCN6535[1]

“As you may have noticed, this room is cramped. So is the rest of the house. So I decided something.” She paused for effect.” We are moving.” The room erupted into cheers, groans, and confused crys.”The house we are moving to is bigger, lots bigger. We should be moved by valentines day. It’s a nicer house, but it will take some adjustments. I spent most of our Christmas money on moving, so no gifts from me. Instead we are doing a gift exchange.”


Mckenna held up a bucket and tossed it to Eileen.


She got it and grabbed a slip of paper.


It flew around the room, all the way to Katelyn.


All eyes flew to Faith as she started talking. “On Christmas Eve we will open those gifts, celebrate the girls birthdays, and bake Christmas cookies. We’ll go to bed with a book and chocolate, and in the morning dress in our Christmas clothes. On Christmas we’ll play games, and have fun.”


Mckenna held up some stockings. “Yes we do stockings here, but we do them differently. For every game you win, you have to get something and give it to someone.”

“And we will go ice skating, come back and get into our pjs, and watch a Christmas movie while we go to sleep. Sound like fun?” Every girl in the room cheered.


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