How To Do A Snowflake Hairstyle


Today I am going to show you how to do this cool snowflake hairstyle. Although it might look complex, it is actually very simple. This is a good winter hairstyle, and would be a great hairstyle to wear with your Christmas dress. After you do it on your doll, try it on you!DSCN6500[1]

Pick a doll with easy to handle hair, or it won’t work great. Joy is looking a little sad, maybe we can cheer her up.DSCN6501[1]

Start by brushing all the hair and gathering it up like a ponytail. DSCN6503[1]

Separate some hair to be the outside layer and ponytail the rest. DSCN6504[1]

For the first point separate some hair. DSCN6505[1]

Brush it and put it in a ponytail. DSCN6506[1]

Do this with the rest of the outer hair. Make as many ponytails as you want points. DSCN6507[1]

Now tie some yarn around a ponytail. DSCN6508[1]

Separate the ponytail into three sections, and put the yarn into two of them. Braid. DSCN6510[1]

Braid the rest of them, and gather into a ponytail. Here’s my first try. DSCN6511[1]

And another picture. DSCN6512[1]

I decided to try again. To make it better, this time I tied each braid to the ponytail after it was braided. DSCN6513[1]

What do you think? I think I need to work on my hair styling skills.


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