New Springfield Dolls Updated

I have new information and pictures, so here they are. ChristianHomeschooler  from TreasuredFriendshipsWithAflair took some pictures, and kindly granted me permission to use them. You can see them here.

The new dolls are officially in stock at the stores, except Michaels has switched to another brand for the holidays, so you can’t find them there. You can get them at Hobby Lobby, and probably Joanns, however on the websites, they are still the old dolls.


Here are all the dolls That Hobby lobby had. They got a new box, but it looks to be the same, flimsy, style.


Here is Abby. I like the picture on the front of the box, but they don’t sell the clothes with the dolls, so they shouldn’t have done that.


Then we have Emma. There is a price tag that says 24.99, I think.


Here we have Olivia. I like how she looks more realistic, and I love the red hair and teal.


Last we have Madison. She changed the most, but she is still cute.

Thank you Christianhomeschooler for lending me the pictures!

I was looking at the Springfield website’s dolls. All of them looked weird except Maria. I clicked on the pages to the the pictures and this is what I found out.


Madison is OUT OF STOCK 

Olivia is OUT OF STOCK 


Maria is not, but this is why.

The pictures of the dolls are different. All but Maria have different face molds, and all the dolls that had bangs won’t anymore. The new pictures say arriving December 1. I think that they discontinued the dolls, and are making new dolls to be released December 1.

Here are the new ones and the old ones.

It looks like the new Abby has lighter skin, darker lips, and a slightly different shade of hair. It doesn’t look like a big smile anymore, and the eyebrows are visible, and too dark. No bangs ether.

Madison - 18 inch African-American Doll

The old Madison has darker skin, the new one’s looks like Maria’s. The new Madison’s eyes are darker, and the hair looks different. The lips are darker, like I think they should have been on old Madison.  Emma - 18 inch Doll

Emma looks like she is wearing mascara. The lips are more realistic, and the eyebrows are too dark.

Olivia - 18 inch Doll

The new Olivia has a different shade of skin, and doesn’t look like she is wearing blush, and lipstick. Her hair looks redder, and her eyes darker. The dress looks different, but it might be the picture.

Maria - 18 inch Latina doll

The only thing I can tell about Maria is her hair won’t be layered.

In some ways the change will be better, in some ways worse. If you want an old doll, get it now, before they go away. I don’t know how long the stores will have the old dolls, or even if they will get new dolls at all. I am not planing on getting any new dolls, but I hope the hair quality goes way up. (Abby’s hair is a frizzy mess, and Maria’s is on it’s way.)

What do you think of the changes? I don’t know if everything is true, most is just guesses. Lexie

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