Here are some of the things I’m thankful for. First of all my cousin and friend came to stay with our family this week, so that’s why I didn’t post. I’m thankful to be at my Grandparent’s house, but that is why there aren’t any new pics. Last I’m very thankful for this blog, which I’ve have for almost a year now. Here are some pictures from my history. There are a lot of memories in these pictures for me, and maybe even for you. You can see how my dolls have changed, my skills have changed, and maybe even how I changed. Enjoy all these pictures.

fire place and table craftDSCN3213[1]bakeryteam awardsDSCN3543[1]DSCN3538[1]DSCN3512[1]DSCN3492[1]DSCN3511[1]DSCN3830[1]DSCN3788[1]DSCN3721[1]DSCN3619[1]DSCN3962[1]DSCN3900[1]IMG_3318DSCN3858[1]DSCN4553[1]DSCN4554[1]DSCN4429[1]DSCN4265[1]DSCN4870DSCN4730[1]DSCN4766[1]DSCN5248[1]DSCN5227[1]DSCN5185[1]DSCN5170[1]DSCN5611[1]DSCN5609[1]DSCN5422DSCN5384DSCN5752[1]DSCN5329DSCN5687[1]DSCN5841[1]DSCN5927[1]DSCN6144[1]DSCN6279[1]DSCN6274[1]


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